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First post & I come with icons :D

My first post here as both a member and a moderator.  

I wanted to welcome everyone to our little corner of the internet :D  This is a place for those of us who are fans of the wonderful Darren Hayes.  His music is inspirational and beautiful...and is always playing on my iPod :D  

For my first post here I come with icons :D  I made these a while back so I'm linking back to my own personal LJ.  This batch was my very first batch of icons that I ever made... I'll link to the other icon posts that I've made as well :D

There are 58 icons from multiple fandoms and the first 12 of them are Darren related

1-12    Darren Hayes (of Savage Garden) [From On the Verge of Something Wonderful music video]
              [4 animated]

13-23   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film
24-41   House M.D. [including some House/Cameron]
41-44   Johnny Depp
45-51  Sweeney Todd [Johnny Depp]
Pirates of the Caribbean

Please credit if used :) Thanks 


The rest at my LJ...
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